Huntingdon Behavioral Health, formerly Huntingdon HealthCare, was founded to provide psychiatric care to those in the long term care environment, in the state of Florida, in need of diagnosis and treatment of a mental health condition.

Our program has been carefully developed to assist adults, with behavioral health issues, to achieve their highest level of independence and functioning.

Headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, our in-house employees support a consulting staff of over 20 psychiatric medical professionals and over 15 psychologists, who provide services in over 200 skilled nursing facilities throughout the state of Florida.

Our model of care provides a psychologist employed by an affiliated company or one from Huntingdon and a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner assigned to each facility.

Upon receipt of an attending physician’s order, the psychologists perform an initial evaluation and provide psychotherapy and behavioral management, when clinically appropriate. Our psychiatrists or psychiatric nurse practitioner also perform an initial assessment and psychotropic medication management, when clinically indicated. This collaboration provides continuity of care for our patients.

Our psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners serve as consultants to the facility’s attending physicians and nursing staff, lending their medical expertise to improve the quality of care for their patients.

In April of 2017, Huntingdon HealthCare became Huntingdon Health Services when MCR Health acquired the company. The acquisition was the result of a successful multi-year partnership between MCR Health and Huntingdon HealthCare. In October 2018, the division name changed once more to Huntingdon Behavioral Health, when the company acquired the InSight Provider Group, a company which had provided psychology services for many years around the state of Florida.